5 Reasons why you should choose Caliber Air Repair

Picking a service provider for your home can be hard when you don’t fully understand what the service entails, what you should be looking for and what questions you should ask.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should choose Caliber Air Repair to help with your HVAC needs:

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1)      Our customers matter!

We are professional, friendly and knowledgeable, always willing to answers any questions you may have and make sure you feel comfortable about having us in your home. Caliber arrives wearing our brand, so you know who we are. We also provide a two hour promise window of arrival, we don’t like to make you take an entire day off work to sit around and wait for us. Caliber will call half an hour before arriving to make sure you’re ready for us and to ask how you take your coffee or tea. We love your pets of any size and want to make sure they’re as comfortable as can be with us as well. We understand everyone has busy schedules and we try to fit your needs as best we can. If you need to re-schedule an appointment, just give us 24 hours notice. We will find a more suitable date for you and you will keep any promotion you may have booked with for your future appointment.

2)      Your home matters!

Our team has indoor shoes, drop sheets, indoor air lines and floor dusters to clean up after ourselves and protect your flooring from outside dirt. Our equipment is portable, on wheels and compact, allowing us to better maneuver through your home, protecting your walls and furniture. Using our portable equipment is just as effective if not more effective than a truck mount system but it allows us to keep your door from being wide open, keep the weather out and your pets and children in. We also have a Rotobrush system which can be used for extreme cases of build up, fire damage restoration, mice or mold in the ducting.

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3)      Your bank account matters!

Caliber provides up front, no surprise pricing when you call to book your duct cleaning. Our pricing is all inclusive, based on the square footage and type of home you have. We won’t give you one price on the phone and then count your vents and charge you more once we arrive. The pricing includes all supply and intake vents, main plenum trunks, the blower fan, a-coil and furnace components. The only way you pay more is if you decide to add additional services to your clean like dryer vent cleaning, disinfecting the ducts, cleaning the HRV system or purchasing new pleated filters.

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4)      Our community matters!

Caliber has been in business for almost ten years, building a great relationship with Saskatoon and the surrounding areas. We aim to please, no matter the size or price of each job. We are part of the Trusted Saskatoon group, earning our spot through referral, hard work and great customer service. Caliber is also part of the Duct Cleaner’s Network, each member is held to a pledge of excellence. As part of the DCN we pledge to display professional conduct, pursue only ethical practices, avoid statements that may be misleading or deceptive to customers, describe accurately and honestly the price, procedures and standards of workmanship, and to promote high health and safety standards for customers and employees. Caliber is the winner of the 2016 Consumer Choice Award for best furnace and duct cleaning service for Saskatoon and surrounding areas.

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5)      Our word matters!

Caliber stands behind our procedures, work ethic, pricing and our ability to make your furnace and duct cleaning experience an enjoyable one. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need or perform additional services without permission and charge you extra for it. Caliber inspects your home and HVAC system with you before the clean begins, at this point we will explain the process of cleaning and suggest additional services that may be helpful to your home. We offer monthly promotions to better serve our community. Caliber will go over the cleaning with you once complete, showing you before and after pictures to see that the clean was done properly. The invoice will be written up with you, going over any issues that may arise, any suggestions we may have for you and the purchase of additional options or furnace filters. We understand that not every home is the same and should any issues arise, Caliber will always make every effort to rectify the situation at no additional cost to you, even if we need to come back on another day. We offer many forms of payment to make things more convenient for you and leave a copy of the invoice for your tax purposes.


Let Caliber help you breathe easy without breaking the bank!

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